Friday, 6 March 2015

The Movement.

Since the birth of the first star, since the dawn of Time, since the creation of all that is real and unreal, there has been movement. Since the infant note of the Divine Music of Existence, there has been dance. With every revolution of the Sun, movement has evolved, and dance has revolutinalized.
We hear, we see, we know, and we feel this dance; we move, and we recognize the Eternal Rhythm; we love, and thus we have become - The #KohlBellyDanceMovement.

#Bellydance helps those who pursue it perceive the intrinsic life-force hidden in our soul; it helps reawaken and rejuvenate that little drop of fire hidden in our gut - in our belly - and what comes alive is something so special and fulfilling, that only a true admirer of the physical, emotional, and spiritual, will be able to gauge it.
The fluidity and grace of a bellydancer is something so sensual and sensuous that it can electrify and enrapture the most dispassionate of audiences. We dance so we are free, we dance so people can see - the art of living, and the craft to just be.

Kohl Belly Dance Movement is a Mumbai-based dance company, that longs to seep in and seep through the world. We live for the love of belly dancing: that is all we do, that is how we pray, that is who we are, that is how we became.

We learn and teach and teach and learn, because in this art of dancing, there is no stop.
#KohlTeam has learned from the best of global belly dance master artists:

I. 'Belly Dance Superstars' who have taught us..
Rachel Brice, Moria Chappell, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel, Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka Arencibia, Jamilla, April Rose, Ebony Qualls and Petite Jamila.

II. 'Egyptian Master Teachers' we have learned from..
Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Nour, Tito Sief, Wael Mansour, Khaled Mahmoud, Ahmed Refaat, Marwa & Tuna, Lubna Emam, Zenia Abou Shebika, Ahmed Refat, Hatim Hamdy, Ousama Emam, Fereshteh Hosseini and more..

III. Other belly dance rockstars who have worked on us..
Anasma Vuong-Rajau, Piny Orchidaceae, Kenzi Orchidaceae, Yana, Azad Kahn, Luxor, Alla Kushnir, Didem Kinali, Oscar Flores, Elina Pechersky, Nikolas Kazakos & Lia Verra, Claudia Hildreth, Queeny Harish, Tamar Bar-gil, Kaheena, Latifa and more..

The channels of dance are always intermingling, and what we do best is appreciate and cherish what one form of dance can do for the other. While we absolutely admire the purest genre, we do not stop ourselves from revolutionising belly dance by attempting various fusions.
The different fusions of belly dance which we offer are:

Odissi Belly
Bhangra Belly
Garba Belly
Bolly Belly
Hip Hop Belly
Kathak Belly
Lavni Belly
Aqua Belly
Belly Melt
Belly Sculpt
Belly Yoga

Kohl Belly Dance Movement seeks to encompass all the lovers of the form. Our teachers and students form a compassionate family who recognize and appreciate the strength and spirit of the Feminine. Spreading the glory are our seven plus two highly trained instructors, some with over 7 years of experience in the field. With constant international exposure, and armed with anatomy, nutrition and yoga study, they form the intensely passionate Kohl Team.

The lovely instructors at Kohl consist of the Goddess Dyad of Dipika Vijay and Sanjana Muthreja, the Dynamic Gayatri Nerurkar, and the Junior Instructors Prachi Shah, Richa Raichandani, Sanjana Sharma, Akanksha Shah, and Sneha Arora.