Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Essentials: An Introduction of the Core at Kohl


Panthera Pardus – The Leopard ~ Gayatri Nerurkar

The Optimist.
23 and already 6 years into Bellydance.

Happy, Cheerful. Helpful, Loyal.
Dances as well as she cooks. Mesmerising features – in face and dance.
Beauty and pleasure seeker.
Lover of isolation in movements, which are soft, yet sharp.
Music and books, brownies and chocolate, fun and comics. Self-gratifying.
Adjustable, adaptable.
Works hard, 
continually, to please herself and to surprise others. 
Learner of Kathak. Seeks to form fusions and has a multi-genred perspective. Romantic at heart, and Determinist in head.
Pleasant, fresh, and powerful.
Cloud and hearth, elegance and mirth.
“Belly dance makes me comfortable in my own skin.”

Acinonyx jubatus – The Cheetah ~ Prachi Shah

The Psychiatrist.
Aware of body and mind. Mental clarity visible through sharp and cutting movements.
Strong isolations and muscle control. Growing tribal fusion bellydancer by heart.
Deep connect with self, analogous to deep insights on dance skills.
Art-lover, knowledge-seeker, creative, intelligent.
Once I started doing it, it just really connected. I felt like it had to be done, like it wasn't my choice anymore.”

Puma concolor – The Puma ~ Richa Raichandani
The tall fashionista. 
Bollywood and food enthusiast.  Fun-loving and captivating.
Dreamer, happy, unworried.
Passionate, hard-working, eager to learn.
Her fortes are accent-marking and layering, Egyptian drum solos and fusions.
Ever-growing, ever-learning, ever-loving.
“Belly dance has transformed me from a shy introvert into a confident woman.”

Leptailurus serval – The Serval ~ Sanjana Sharma

The bubbly, peppy, feisty one.
Effervescent and lively, forever entertaining.
Lover of the stage.
Small, cute, and sweet, but at the same time, zestful, confident, and ardent.
Don’t mistake her helpful nature and sugared smile – her moves can disassemble you.
“I want to become an inspiring bellydancer and make this artform reach every corner.”

Caracal caracal – The Desert Lynx ~ Akanksha Shah

The Photographer.
Catches the world through her lens and expresses it through her dance.
Creative, independent, fierce.
Empowered, joyful, free. 

Powerful, yet graceful. Tribal fusion enthusiast.
The gypsy.  
“This dance form allows you to express's powerful yet graceful. It’s more like story telling through your body.”

Leopardus tigrinus – The Tiger Cat ~ Sneha Arora

The Graphic Designer.
Easily enchanted and enchanting.
Honest, loyal, charming.
Passionate, charismatic, intuitive. 

Heart in Egyptian, Oriental.
Lover of beauty and truth. Finds music in everything.
“Bellydance has helped me be more comfortable with myself, has added a new dimension to my personality.”

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