Friday, 24 February 2017

2016 with Kohl

2016 has been a year full of achievements for #KohlTeam. Their performances, workshops and haflas have left belly shaped stamps all over the globe.

Kohl Belly Dance Movement through 2016 :~


• Moria in Mumbai - hosted by Kohl Movement 

• Dipika trains actress Jacqueline Fernandez once again 

• Dipika does a photoshoot with Moria Chappell in Gujarat


• Mint Mill Project Workshops begin


• Dipika learns and performs at Tribal Massive in Las Vegas


• The Mint Mill Project 2016 Annual Show


• Dipika starts Mumbai's first Tribal Fusion Belly Dance batch 

• Dipika teaches at Belly Crawl & Bombay Fest, Arabella, Mumbai 

• Sanjana Sharma features in the city's 4 top newspapers for performing in Dubai Festival in Mumbai 


• Sanjana Sharma & Prachi teach at Arabella


• Kohl performs at Bombay Fest, & Electra 

• Sanjana participates in Sadie's Raqs Flow format in Switzerland

• Dipika takes a workshop in Surat


• Sanjana Sharma attends Sadie's workshop in Bangalore and performs with Kohl students at the hafla

• Dipika is featured in Surat Times newspaper 

• Dipika teaches in Dance Mania Workshop in Surat 

• Sanjana Sharma teaches in PoWow at Pearl Academy


• Sanjana teaches and performs in Mediterranean Delight, Greece

• Sanjana gets featured in LifeSaga Org. 

• Dipika teaches at Oorja Ladies Club in Raipur


• Dipika completes First Love at Orchidaceae Dance Intensive in Lisbon 

• Shimmy Challenge for students

• Turkish Choreography Workshop for Kohl students by Sanjana


• Sword Workshop for Kohl students by Dipika 

• Belly Bazaar

• Sanjana teaches and preforms at LDB, Greece 

• New branch opens at Powai


•Sanjana teaches and choreographs Salman Yusuf for TV dance show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

• Sanjana teaches and performs at Nile Fest in Egypt


• Mint Mill Project & travel plans for 2017

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